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Our probiotic technology utilizes beneficial microbes to repopulate environments with healthy microorganisms, thereby providing sustainable solutions without creating any downstream problems.


·         EM reduces the BOD, COD, TSS and suppress the Coli and E coli.
·         Large reduction in the running costs of an ETP, STP or  septic tank.
·         Effluent, after being treated, carries a neutral pH of around 6.5 to 7.5.
·         Large reduction in sludge
·         EM suppresses the foul odour in effluents in a very short time and save the cost for electricity, chemical input, water,                 maintenance, sludge removal and the labour cost.
·         Increases the plant efficiency.


Lactic Acid Bacteria                             Lactobacillus
Photosynthetic Bacteria                     Rhodopseudomonas
Yeast                                                 Sacchromyces


Sewage Treatment Plants
Effluent Treatment Plants
Septic Tanks
Water Bodies



-          It is to be used in diluted form after activation
-          For activation don’t used chlorinated or distilled water
-          Use the contents soon after opening it
-          Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
-          Avoid direct contact with eyes.
-          Store in a cool and dry place.


A. Fill a 20 lit container with 10 lits of warm water and 1 Lit of EM Solutions.
B. Mix 4-5 kgs of sugar cane molasses or  jaggery..
C. Stir well to dissolve the molasses until it forms a homogenous solution.
D. Place another 5 lits of water (do not fill to the brim)  and close container well to keep air out.
E. Store between 25 – 400 C during a period of 4-7 days for fermentation. 

F. Activated EM is ready for use after 4 - 7 days when the pH of the solution is below 4 or when the solution presents a sweet to sour smell and the existence of a color change from coffee brown to coffee orange.
G. Activated EM should be used within the next 35 days after which; it begins to lose its efficiency.
H. Store activated EM always in a cool and ventilated area and away from the reach of children and domestic animals.





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